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Answering the Call of Diabetes Education

Answering the Call of Diabetes Education

95% of those newly diagnosed with diabetes go without formal diabetes education. If you have heard this stat somewhere before, we apologize, we talk about it a lot.

Diabetes education is the key to decreasing readmission rates, lowering a1cs, and from preventing prediabetes to putting type 2 diabetes in remission.

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Who heard the call

We have been fortunate enough to raise money from local investors and begin development of the KingFit application. Bringing together features of the most influential health platforms, fitness applications, wearables, and linking them to health care professionals is on the horizon.

Through our application, we will be delivering health modules that serve those individuals newly diagnosed with diabetes. As well as other features that individuals can use even if they do not have diabetes.

We believe that improving health literacy will make a huge impact on public health, along with tracking diet and exercise. In addition to the health modules, we will also be offering motivation reminders and wellness journals that keep you on the right path to living a healthy life.

Our first two modules will be the KingFit Achievement Program and the Diabetes Education Module.

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With help from our community

We’re located in a co-working space for startups called Groundwork Startup Hub in Wichita, Kansas. Most of our team is from Kansas, and we’re proud to be a part of the Silicon Prairie.

Kansas is a great proving ground for our technology. It has both urban and rural areas that each have their own unique access problems. Plus the community here has been incredibly supportive. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without the help of Groundwork Startup Hub, E2E Accelerator, and all of our mentors and advisers along the way.

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Wichita is truly a blessing to us and we are ready to give back.

We’re working on something big

We're delivering weekly animated health videos as well as a video blog about our journey. We believe that this plays a small role in increasing health literacy. But there is much more to be done.

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We know that health coaches can have a profound effect on chronic illnesses of all kinds. Yet many health professionals who consult patients find a few of the same key problems. Time spent with patients and patient motivation are both large barriers to success in eating healthy, losing weight, lowering blood glucose levels, etc.

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The KingFit app is designed to help engage, motivate, and educate users. A health coach or nutritionist can stay with their patient, inside their phone, and help monitor and motivate their clients.

Sign up for the beta

If you join our beta testing phase, you can provide valuable feedback that will not only help to improve the app for yourself but everyone who uses it. 

We value your feedback whether you're a health professional, a person suffering from any type of diabetes, or other illness, or just someone who wants to live a healthier life.

Learn How to Manage Your Diabetes

On your time, at your pace, for free.

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