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Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap

The CDC [pdf] says:

Lack of education or unknowingly negative health habits contribute the rise in type 2 diabetes. In addition, they also state that lower income populations are more likely to develop the disease because of the inability to purchase unprocessed nutritious foods. Also, individuals in this area have lower access to fresh produce that can help their eating habits. Of course, the above statements link to the term “diabesity” or the correlation between obesity and diabetes.

What Can We Do to Help the Underserved?

The Munroe Study showed that the intervention of a diabetes educator saved $3,500 per patient, per year, with an average drop of 1.2% in A1C. We know that nothing replaces the one on one connection with a physician, diabetes educator, dietitian, or health coach. When someone is newly diagnosed with diabetes they usually learn the news from their physician. If they have regular access to care, they are often urged to come back after this first visit.

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But around 2-3 months it can be tough for the healthcare professional to keep track of their patients and ensure that they are staying on the right path.

The patient can buy diabetes apps or research information online, but this usually comes at a cost. Either they have to pay money up front, or they have to sort through sources that may or may not be credible.

KingFit Is Here to Help

We want to work with healthcare professionals of all types to bridge the gap between an initial diagnosis and the first checkup appointment.

This is why we are offering a free mobile application that brings industry leading diabetes education to the palm of your hand.

We are working with four industry-leading diabetes educators to offer modules with up to date educational materials.

The first four are: The Fundamentals of Diabetes Education, Behavioral Diabetes, Exercise and Diabetes, and Nutrition and Diabetes.

See: The Importance of Diabetes Education

We hope that what we are offering will allow the newly diagnosed individual to come back to their follow up appointment feeling in control and asking much more knowledgeable questions without having to go through a slow and repetitive educational process again and again.

A person struggling with type 2 diabetes needs to know the facts, learn self-care practices, and they need to feel supported.

There is plenty of information out there to help, but we want to put it all in one place, helping healthcare professionals on the front line.

Learn How to Manage Your Diabetes

On your time, at your pace, for free.

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