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KingFit acquires $25k investment from WTC & Network Kansas

KingFit acquires $25k investment from WTC & Network Kansas

Wichita, Kansas (May 26th, 2017) - Adding another excellent Wichita partner to its team of investors, KingFit Preventive Health and Wellness is proud to announce that it has teamed up with Wichita Technology Corporation and Network Kansas via its Multiplier Fund.

This $25k first round investment will help bring the diabetes education portion of the KingFit platform to launch in June.

Preview of the KingFit App

KingFit believes bringing industry-leading Certified Diabetes Educators to the 95% of people diagnosed with diabetes every day who go home without proper diabetes education will help dramatically decrease remission rates, lower blood glucose levels, and improve the standard of living for those suffering from this chronic illness.

The KingFit app will launch with a series of first steps for diabetes education called The Fundamentals of Diabetes. More preventive health and educational modules will come in the near future.

This investment helps KingFit to continue to grow as they bring on new team members in order to release their app to 100+ testers.

About Wichita Technology Corporation

Wichita Technology Corporation is a 501c(3) not-for-profit corporation that provides capital and value-added services to well-managed companies with superior growth potential. We strive to help talented entrepreneurs develop and realize their goals through consulting, mentorship, and networking.

WTC was created in 1994 to grow and sustain a formal innovation network that supports technology advancement, transfer and commercialization in Kansas by leveraging public resources with those of the private sector to facilitate business formation and growth.

About KingFit

KingFit is a mobile app that delivers diabetes education to the palm of your hand. Unlike other diabetes apps, KingFit is the only solution that allows you to press two buttons to start learning from a certified diabetes educator for free.

Learn How to Manage Your Diabetes

On your time, at your pace, for free.

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