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We're Making It Easier to Follow KingFit

We're Making It Easier to Follow KingFit

Since we began this journey to tackle diabetes education we have had the support of an incredible community. Our followers help us in many ways. From spreading the word and helping us grow, to commenting with words of encouragement, to simply watching our videos and staying engaged from a distance.

Diabetes presents a huge challenge, and it’s our community that helps keep us strong.

Thank you.


During our journey, we’ve noticed two groups that may find different types of content more valuable.

On one hand, we have the behind-the-scenes view of what it’s like to build a startup in the Midwest. We’ve been posting our vlog and other inspiring content to help share with entrepreneurs the information and motivation that comes with our journey as a company.

startup wichita

On the other hand, we have those we’d like to reach with our software, and the health and wellness animations we make to help fulfill our company mission.

So far this content has lived together on the same page, but we don’t want it to be confusing.


We’re excited to present our new social media profiles on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter: KingFit Diabetes.

diabetes education

While there will definitely still be some crossover content, for the most part, @KingFitUSA will transition to be more about the business aspect of what we do, while @KingFitDiabetes will focus on our health education content.

While we encourage you to follow both pages, we can now suggest one page or the other depending on what interests you.

This change better fits KingFit's purpose as well as the intent of the social media platforms we're on.

Come join us on one of our new social profiles!

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Nov 15, 2017 • Posted by Earnest Johns

Not sure the reason for splitting. I thought KingFit was strickly a diabetes application. Why the need to promote the business side? So much so that you create to different sources of information? If people need to learn how to run a business, they should take business classes. Thats not KingFits job, is it? Maybe I’m not understanding the idea. Can you help me?

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