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What is KingFit?

What is KingFit?

You may have seen a rise in apps and platforms designed for diseases like diabetes. There are many companies working on health care innovation.

There are just as many names for these types of apps. Like mhealth, digital therapeutics, digital health, disease self-management, so-on. Let's cut out those buzz words.

KingFit has a unique approach to diabetes self-management software.

But what makes KingFit different than other apps and programs?



We want you to be able to get the information and help you need as easily as possible. So KingFit Diabetes Education is made to be very simple to use.

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That means no confusing signup forms, no doctor approvals, and no logging every single thing.

Push a few buttons and start your wellness journey with KingFit.


KingFit is a free diabetes education app. The core features of the app will always remain free.

It is perfect for those with diabetes who don't have insurance or those whose insurance plans do not cover a diabetes educator.

Doctors will appreciate having an informed patient. Which means that you can spend more of your time together talking about important stuff instead of covering the basics.

This extra value from each appointment will lower costs in travel and number of necessary or emergency visits.

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Online Diabetes Classes

We don't want to pair you with an AI coach. The tech isn't quite there yet.

We don't want to micro-manage your health. Having your face buried in your phone filling out health information is a chore.

We don't want to replace CDEs (Certified Diabetes Educators) or doctors. Nothing beats 1 on 1 contact with a medical professional.

book inside of a phone

But what if we could bring together the tools and information you needed to improve your health without wasting a ton of resources?

What if you could use technology as an extra support tool for you and your doctor? Technology that feels like your doctor is with you step by step. Allowing CDEs to increase their outreach exponentially.

This is the KingFit difference. We are creating technology that improves the user experience of diabetes education. Combining the best engaging education programs and tools for diabetes in a way that brings true value to both consumers and medical professionals.

Download on iOS and Android today.

Learn How to Manage Your Diabetes

On your time, at your pace, for free.

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