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6 Tips for Better Blood Sugar Control

6 Tips for Better Blood Sugar Control

Actively managing these six factors will help the body find and maintain balance so you can function optimally every day.

Eat smaller and more frequent meals.

Depending on the type of diabetes, switching from the traditional three meals to 5 or 6 smaller, more frequent meals may help keep blood glucose levels from spiking outside of normal insulin demands as well as reduce hunger cravings.

Eat slower.

Not only does chewing your food more thoroughly help control blood sugar, but makes our foods nutrients more accessible.

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Eat more nutrient dense foods.

Simple. The more nutrient dense your food choices are, the more successful you will be at controlling your blood sugar.

This means eating more of the darker green, leafy, cruciferous vegetables and less processed junk (see: ANDI score for nutrient density scale).

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Avoid bad fats.

Whether it's a burger, fries, pizza, ice cream, other dairy or meat products, Dr. Michael Klaper has shown us that consuming high fatty meals leads causes our blood to be much more viscous and milky. This thick, fatty blood causes our insulin receptors to be ‘gummed up’ as Dr. Neal Barnard describes, leading to insulin resistance over time.


Eating sugary, salty, or fatty foods signals our body to flush what it can out of the system immediately through urination. Proper hydration can help to dilute high concentrations of a negative food choice and help to curb hunger later on.

Better sleep and stress management

Longevity guru Dr. Peter Attia has shared studies that linked 2 weeks of sleep deprivation (4 hours a night) to a 50% decrease in insulin sensitivity. Not only does it impact the effectiveness of your insulin, it can affect your ability to cope with stress which can affect hormone levels and even blood sugar.

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