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Does Your Nutrition Have You Stressed Out?

Does Your Nutrition Have You Stressed Out?

We are all trying to lower our stress. But did you know the foods you eat can have a huge effect on your measurable stress levels?

In The Thrive Diet, author Brendan Brazer puts it like this:

"nutritional stress is the body's response to food that is void of nutrition and or foods that require a lot of energy to digest and assimilate".

Nutritional Stress

Brazer believes that up to 70% of standard American stress is caused by poor eating habits. It's not even about eating too much of the wrong foods, but chronically avoiding the right foods. Whole foods that have the power to lower our nutritional stress load.

These "right" foods contain CO enzymes that aid bodily functions. A diet lacking in whole foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and other antioxidants causes just as much stress on your body as a poor diet.

What are the wrong foods? Anything that is void of fiber, processed or comes in a paper bag for $5.

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Processed Foods

A nutritionally stressful diet has the power to use up our immune system response. Dr. Russell Jaffe as well as other experts say that we have 50 billion white blood cells in the body that can swallow up to 50 foreign invaders each. This gives our immune system roughly a capacity to deal with 2.5 trillion foreign cells.

immune system cells diagram

This may seem like a lot of room. But when we consume processed foods, like apple juice instead of apples, or soybean oil instead of soybeans, we are drastically increasing our antigen load. Every cell used up helping to guard against these extra antigens is one less cell that can go towards digestion and repair.

Eating commercialized foods instead of whole foods is like choosing a high-interest loan over an interest-free one when it comes to ‘saving’ our well deserved immunity.

The Cure

Those who try drinking a green smoothie for breakfast, talk about their new found energy.

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What they don't know is that it is not that the smoothie gave them energy, but saved them energy. This "new" energy is not new at all but was being wasted on poor meal choices.

If you want to reduce your bad stress by up to 70%, cut the crap out of your diet!

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