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Health Coaching Apps Can Shorten Your Documentation Time

Health Coaching Apps Can Shorten Your Documentation Time

Certified Diabetes Educators and Health Coaches have reported that on average 4 hours of their week is spent on documentation.

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Nutrition software and health coaching apps can help

The same technology can be used by the end user to help increase diabetes education success rates.

Your knowledge + the power of mobile apps = a huge impact on your patient's health.

Smartphone apps have the power to reach millions of people. Usage of mobile apps rises by tens of thousands yearly in the United States alone.

Within that growth lies thousands of health coaching apps for diabetes, weight loss, nutrition, and wellness.

Increase program enrollment and completion

According to the national practice survey for diabetes educators, “only 27% of respondents indicated that more than three-quarters of people that enroll finish the program.” With the use of smartphone apps, this number could easily rise to a much higher success rate.

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With mobile engagement skyrocketing, as a healthcare professional, it makes sense to go where your clients go.

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Mobile apps also have the power of shortening the time it takes to document your client's information. With a simple sign up sheet, you can have all of their important information into the app's secure database to be used only by authorized CDEs.

With the data your clients provide you, data you can gain from the habits they track on their phones, as well as data from wearables that will be able to record information specific to the user's health goals, mobile platforms present a powerful new tool in the health world.

The time has come to get rid of all of the old and start bringing in the new!

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