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Help for Diabetic Neuropathy

Help for Diabetic Neuropathy

As many people with diabetes know, nerve pain can be just as frequent as taking insulin. As if having to prick your finger three times a day wasn’t bad enough, 15% of people with diabetes experience nerve pain that can affect the heart, eyes, hands, and feet. For most, symptoms are mild with numbness in the legs and hands. But some experience sharp pains that can lead to issues with digestion and heart rate control.

Luckily, there are very effective ways to minimize and even eliminate this issue.

Defining Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy is when elevated blood glucose levels impair the flow of blood vessels that are responsible for supplying nerves with the oxygen-rich blood that they require to function properly.

The heart has to pump blood through 60,000 miles worth of capillaries. The hands and feet are the farthest away from the heart and, therefore, get the least amount of circulation.

Combine this distance from the heart the with high blood sugar caused by inactivity and poor eating and you have the formula for decreased nerve function.

But what would happen if we were active and made healthy food choices?


With an active lifestyle, circulating blood sugar has something to do with your food instead of storing it in fat cells around your waist, or even worse, your liver. This is what makes exercise before or after a meal so helpful at controlling blood sugar levels.

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Ultimately, exercise of any form increases blood flow to help alleviate nerve pain. Even something as simple as a daily walk can do wonders for circulation.


Healthy food choices also can have a profoundly stabilizing effect on blood sugar.

health shakes on the beach

Deep down we all know which foods are which. Foods with high concentrations of protein, high fat, high processed carbohydrates, covered in oil or butter are not going to bring you balance.

Fresh produce, whole grains, fruit, nuts and seeds are full of components that help aid in digestion and bring balance to your system.

The goal is to get the most out of each calorie you consume.

Diabetes as well as accompanying nerve pain will always be most affected by diet and activity level.

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