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The Future of Health & Wellness: Part 1

The Future of Health & Wellness: Part 1

Think back to the most memorable game of tag you played as a child. Really think of all the details.

My greatest tag memory is a nerf gun fight with my friend and now business partner Tyler Rambo. Yea I know, nerf gun wars aren't classic tag but it's the same game with special features.

I was running through his front yard full speed, focused on getting behind the next tree for safety. After reaching the first tree I would scope out a target and attack!

I was in the game!

We ran around that house for 5-6 hours that day. That same exact year, we tested the one mile run in P.E. Both my good friend Tyler Rambo and I walked the entire thing. We jogged a little, but not much.

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So why were we willing to run for 5-6 hours but not willing to jog for 10 minutes?


The nerf gun war was fun! A lot of fun!

Not only was it fun and physically active, it was zen! It was mindfulness.

mindfulness sign

While playing the game, I was not thinking about ANYTHING else! 5-6 hours outside of the daily non-stop clapping monkey mind that lives in the future and the past. That is PROFOUND.

In 7th grade, running a mile test was not fun. The whole time I was thinking of how badly I wanted to be doing something other than running. I definitely was not accepting the present moment. It was miserable. If I didn't think they'd call my parents, I would have skipped.

In this blog, I am going to talk about a vision I have for the future of health and wellness. This vision requires a change in our understanding of living healthy. A vision in which happiness and health are one.

To keep it simple, let's break Health down into three pieces that create one system:

  1. The Body
  2. The Mind
  3. The Nutrition

For part 1 we will focus on the body. Cool?

So Miguel, “What is the one life goal everyone should have for their body?”

love your body

Good question! I say never stop moving your body through its full range of motions on a daily basis. I’d like to call it the 1 Fundamental Law of the Human Body (not really a law). IF! I had to narrow it down to one, that would be it. BUT! I think there should be two laws!

The 2nd Fundamental Law of the Human Body: never stop strengthening your body through its compound movements.

This isn't hard folks. Why do we make it so hard? Because that's what humans do. We make shit complicated. Don't make this hard. Follow these two basic truths.

So why do so few people follow these two Fundamental laws (not really laws)?

I believe it has to do with our perception of the human body, our perception of our capabilities, and our perception of exercise. I will dive into our perception of our body and capabilities in a later blog.

Let's focus on the exercise.

Exercise is uncomfortable. Yes. It's often boring, and it can be very inconvenient. I want to give you two real insights to my thought patterns on two different occasions.

Occasion #1:

  1. Alarm goes off.
  2. “Ahh already? I need at least another 30 more minutes. I am going to have to move my workout to later (never).” – First thoughts.

Occasion #2:

  1. Alarm goes off.
  2. “Ah! Finally! Today is the day we are going rock climbing at Bliss! I can not wait to try the ninja warrior monkey bars!” – First thoughts.

Both occasions require strenuous physical activity, yet my response, attitude, and likelihood of action varies greatly! All based on my perception of the activity. Why is that?

Think back to the nerf gun story.

On one day I was expecting discomfort, the other day I was expecting fun! We know we need to exercise. The evidence of body destruction from NOT exercising is clear. Sticking to an exercise regimen long-term will be IMPOSSIBLE if you don't enjoy it every day.

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nerf bullets on the ground

Some people enjoy weight lifting with groups, some cycling. Others enjoy walking their dog. I enjoy basketball.

The key to healthy living is movement.

The more strenuous the better, but we must have fun doing it or we won't do it. Period.

Find your fun, and make time for it.

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Dec 05, 2016 • Posted by Jarrod Ornelas

I never thought about it this way. I’ve always hated just going to the gym by myself. After reading this I will start to schedule fun activities to do that will keep me active! Awesome article.

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