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Undernourished and Overweight

Undernourished and Overweight

America has found a way to create a country of overfed yet undernourished consumers.

Have you ever found yourself still craving food after eating a high-calorie meal or snack? Was it a fast food burger, gas station doughnut, large soft drink, etc? You probably consumed a regrettable amount of calories without feeling full.

Most Americans have a surplus of calories, but a shortage of actual nutrients in those calories.

But which foods?

They tend to have two things in common:

  1. No fiber. The indigestible carbohydrate that fills you up while containing zero absorbable calories. Fiber is the nutritional equivalent of having your cake, and eating it, without the feeling of having eaten cake.
  2. A huge marketing budget. These products are usually replaying in the viewer's minds throughout the day as their hunger rises.

For Some Perspective

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation spends $100 million dollars to fight childhood obesity each year. That's great.

Chuck Norris Thumbs Up

The food industry spends that much money in four days!

That company with the golden arches? They spend half a billion more than the very well-funded dairy industry on advertising. The dairy industry spends more than 5x as much as cereals like Frosted Flakes. Even a cereal brand spends 50x more than the National Cancer Institute did for promoting fruits and vegetables in all 2016.

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The Modern American Diet

Americans are notoriously hard workers. Sometimes working to the point of dehydration and extreme hunger. When we get to this point, our body begins craving quickly absorbed, high-calorie food.

In this state, your body is not interested in a salad. It knows that salad provides a low amount of calories (or energy) and it will take too long to reach the billions of cells in your body.


This is the only thing that fiber doesn’t help. In this state, you don't need to even see an ad to make a food choice that will loan you energy in the short term, with a heavy tax waiting hours later.

When you combine this cycle with heavily funded food ads it makes for a perfect storm. As the great Wendell Berry said, “we have a food industry that pays no attention to health and a healthcare industry that pays no attention to food."

Fiber is key 🔑

According to Dr. Hans Diehl & The USDA, only 14% of the calories in the average American diet come from whole foods.

We are not surprised.

Avoid this cycle by staying ahead of your hunger curve. Stay hydrated, and eat high fiber foods throughout the day. Such as veggies, fruit, beans nuts or seeds.

It's hard to believe that just 45 years ago the fast food industry was estimated at only $3 billion.

blue collar workers

Unfortunately, thanks to the working class, that number has swelled 50 times.

Don't forget that the working class has the ability to make millionaires every single day with what we choose to eat.

So who's getting rich off of your eating habits?

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